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Pushing The Boundaries

Over 20 Years of Printing

Over 20 years ago, we opened The Print Shop 16 in Montreal in the hope of offering the best printing services possible. We started with silkscreen printing on textile which enabled us to work with notable companies such as Reebok, Garage, Osheaga and Crooks & Castles. This experience helped us grow our network and expertise which in return, led us to look into printing on paper; fine art printing. Quickly, we began to work with artists from all over the world who equally wanted to explore silkscreen printing. Station 16 Gallery was born shortly after that. We needed a place to exhibit our works, and we wanted to collaborate with artists on a deeper level. We wanted to cultivate those relationships, and support their art, not by only working for them but rather, by working with them to achieve something great. The gallery now represents world-renowned artists like Ricardo Cavolo, Add Fuel, Stikki Peaches and Steven Spazuk and The Print Shop 16 takes care of their printing needs..

Our shop specializes in classic and durable silkscreen prints for apparel, promotional textile products and fine art. We also do giclée printing. Our 12 000 sq foot facility in Montreal produces all works on premises and ships all over the world. Our shop houses four fully automatic state of the art screen printing machines and two manual machines.

Why 16?

When doing silkscreen printing, which is what we started with, we need just as many screens as a piece as colours in it. 16 is the number of screens we can print on paper. Our silkscreen prints are of the highest quality and our workers have decades of experience. Every silkscreen print we produce is an art piece in itself. Artists love working with Station 16 and The Print Shop 16 as they know it is synonym for quality, professionalism, and a place where the most creative forward-looking minds can thrive.

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